Females Fighting Forwards – Women’s Self Defence Seminars

Saturday, 23 February 2019
From 8:00am

Our self defence and anti-abduction workshops aim to teach basic and practical self defence with the objective of building confidence and improving street awareness. Our syllabus has been designed through intense study and training by various instructors to provide effective self defence for women of all strength and sizes.

We aim to take our students out of their comfort zone and into confronting yet real situations that are most common to Australian women and children. We use trained male attackers as well as our F.I.S.T man suit to engage in full contact activities.

We cover a wide range of situations from the basics right up to more focused situation training. Our seminars can cover situations including sexual assault scenarios, car abductions, talking your way out of uncomfortable situations where an attack is possible and how to get out of particular attacks such as being grabbed by the wrist or hair, being choked or pinned against a wall.

Available for private seminars, school programs and interstate opportunities.

Programs can cover:

  • Basic self defence techniques
  • Sexual assault
  • Car abductions
  • Gang situations
  • Dealing with adrenaline and fear
  • How to neutralise an attacker
  • Awareness of your surroundings
  • Weapon attached & threats (knife & gun)
  • Helping increase street awareness
  • Risk situation assessment

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Womens Self Defence Program