Chanique Greyling


Age: 26
Job: Personal Trainer 
Location: Newcastle, NSW
Instagram: @chaniqueg
Why is mental health important to you:
Throughout my childhood I have lived through some pretty traumatic experiences which lead to my younger adult life battling through some challenging times so I relate to the importance of mental health on a highly personal level. 
Through certain coping techniques, gaining a deeper knowledge about mental health, having a great support system and physical exercise I am now the happiest and strongest I have ever been! My mission is to be able to inspire and aid anyone in need to take back control of their life and show them how they have possessed the power to do so all along.
Tip or quote: Einstein’s definition of insanity: “repeating the same action time and time again yet expecting a different outcome.”

Todd Carney

Job: Captain coach Byron Bay Red Devils, f45 Ballina 
Location: Byron Bay 
Why is mental health important to you:
Mental health is important to me because I see the affects it’s had on society, close friends and family and myself. It’s apart of life and it needs to be spoken about and taken seriously.

Tip or quote:
You’re never alone, I believe everything happens for a reason.


Shay Ryan Douglas

Age: 26 years old
Job: Speaker, Designer and Manager
Location: Cairns, Australia

Why is mental health important to you:
The human life is so complex yet incredible. With a healthy mind, life is abundant, beautiful and bliss, with the potential to create magic. However, if it’s mistreated, neglected or abused then it has the capacity to self destruct.

At the core of the human being is our mind which has the potential for limitless expansion or sacraficial self sabotage. When the mind is strong, the body is healthy. We all have a responsibility to take care of our own state of mind.

Quote: “You cannot live a positive life with a negative mind!” – Joyce Meyer